Hello! Welcome to Vom Löwenherzig Rottweilers. We are located
in the scenic Lehigh Valley region of Southeastern Pennsylvania,
located 30 minutes from Philadelphia.

I have been involved with the Rottweiler breed since my late
teens (1980's) as well as volunteering for Rottweiler rescue during
my twenties (1990's). Something just drew me to the
magnificence, intelligence and nobility of this breed from the day I
set eyes on them, hence our kennel name of Löwenherzig ("lion
heart"). Steven has more recently become involved with the
breed, but he is a quick study and has quickly become a
knowledgeable and passionate advocate for the breed.

In 1999 we decided that we were interested in becoming more
involved with the showing and working aspect of the breed. We
did extensive research and attended many conformation shows
and working trials before we purchased our first show quality
working male,
Decimus vom Claussen, BH, AD, CGC early in
2003. As a result, we have become increasingly more involved in
the Sieger-style conformation and Schutzhund venues.

Vom Löwenherzig Rottweilers is a Code of Ethics Rottweiler
enthusiast. We are members of the ADRK, USRC, ARV as well as
supporting many other local and regional breed/working clubs
across the United States. We are also the founders of the
Southeastern PA Rottweiler Klub (SPARK). Unlike many other
kennels in the very competitive world of dogs, you will not hear
us bashing other kennels or their dogs. We speak about our dogs  
as we feel that our burgeoning  program and our dogs speak for
themselves. Dogs are not a way of living for us...they are a
Steven and Samantha at the 2006 USRC National Sieger
Show with Redwood Krest's Onyx.
At Vom Löwenherzig Rottweilers we are dedicated to the preservation of this breed. It is our goal to produce top quality
Rottweilers that possess correct structure, excellent temperaments, strong working drives and genetic soundness. We believe in
promoting the 'Complete Rottweiler' regardless of whether our dogs are placed in pet homes or top show/working homes. We
believe that everyone, be it pet owner or canine professional, deserves the opportunity to own a quality-bred and healthy dog.

Thank you for visiting us!
Vom Löwenherzig Rottweilers follows the FCI World Breed Standard and
on our Rottweiler puppies.

HERE for more information on natural Rottweiler tails***

Samantha & Steven Canuso
Lansdale, PA - 610-639-4066
(30 minutes from Philadelphia)
(6 PM to 9 PM ET weekdays & 9 AM to 9 PM weekends)

Pricing information will not be given out via e-mail.  
No phone calls on Sunday or holidays please.
We have children, so please no phone calls before or after the hours listed above.
Due to time constraints, we cannot discuss our dogs in great detail via email.  Please call us for detailed discussions.

Exclusive Vom Löwenherzig
Training Equipment Supplier
Southeastern PA Rottweiler Klub

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4/18/09 - Congrats to Helios vom Lowenherzig for placing 1st in his class and for his 2009 USRC NE Regional Best Puppy win in his third show!

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Polly on 4/7/09 at just 7.5 years old from bloat. Polly was our smiling funny girl with the Happy Feet. We will miss her always.

Congratulations to Helios vom Lowenherzig for winning his class with a VP1 rating and 2009 ECRK Best Puppy!

12/18/08: Helios vom Lowenherzig prelims OFA Good hips and OFA Normal elbows. Gaea vom Lowenherzig prelims OFA Excellent hips and OFA Normal elbows!

The Vom Lowenherzig name is now AKC registered!!!

Congratulations to Helios vom Lowenherzig for winning his class & 2008 AIRK National Best Male Puppy in his first show! Also congrats to Lauri & Tonka with thier VP4 placing and Kristen & Sampson with their VP rating.

It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to Hexe. Hexe left us on 9/19/08 at 8.5 years old. She was an amazing dog with an amazing spirit and the most heart we've ever seen. Goodbye old girl...you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten...

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Exclusive footage of the 2007 ADRK
Klubsieger 100th Jubilee. Includes
interviews with:
  • Oliver Neubrand from the
    world famous German kennel
    vom Hause Neubrand.
  • Fredrik Bjurklint the new
    IFR World IPO-Champion.
  • ADRK and Int'l Rottweiler
    breed specialist Anton
See the beautiful canine artwork of Telia Fleming Hanks
It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Polly on 4/7/09.

ARV NS'06/ARV NWRS'05/Multi V1 & Int'l V-rated/Multi GYS
Polly von der Frankentanne
BH, AD, ZTP (06/10/05), CGC
8/13/01 - 4/7/09

Godspeed Polly.
We'll miss you more than you will ever know.